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At Trilussa Pizza and Pane, you will taste one of the most authentic Roman Pizzas in Vancouver with toppings that may even require a fork and knife to enjoy. Our talented chef, Alessandro Fonseca, who is proud to be Roman, loves to present the true taste of Rome to those who are connoisseurs of good pizza. Yes, we specify Rome instead of Italy, because that’s how proud he is! With his enthusiasm to present the best of Rome, all our pane (Roman Bread) is handmade with passion and love. In addition, our food is created with only the freshest and finest ingredients and no additives or preservatives are used. We only use 100% cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oils.We invite you to come join us and judge for yourself. Try our delicious Double Abruzzo Pizza, Double Trastevere Pizza, and Double Capri Pizza!


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4363 Main Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, Vancouver, V5V 3R1

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